Accept CRYT on website and ePOS

It is very easy to accept CRYT through your website or your ePOS system. Our developer community has already created a range of eCommerce plugins for:

  • CRYT-Pay Android App
  • CRYT-Pay Mobile
  • MailWizz Mailing Software
  • WooCommerce

Visit our community forum for more information on existing plugins and how other systems can integrate with CRYT through our API.

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Accept CRYT on your smartphone

Accepting CRYT on your smartphone is very simple: just show the buyer the QR code of your wallet and allow them to scan it with their smartphone. When the payment is made, a notification confirming the transaction will be displayed on the recipient's smartphone.

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Integrate CRYT on your Service

Accepting CRYT on your website is very easy thanks to the blockchain API and the simplicity with which you can create accounts, accept payments and interact with the Blockchain. The knowledge required is minimal and thanks to the tools already available it is even simpler.

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CRYT-Pay and CRYT-Sell for Local Merchants

We have developed 2 applications, CRYT Pay and CRYT Sell to simplify the use of CRYT locally.

A merchants can accept payments with CRYT-Pay, by entering his CRYT Wallet, type the amount and currency (CRYT-Pay supports over 20 different currencies), once the data has been entered just press the "Buy with CRYTPay" button and app generates an order with the required details, including:
QR code of the wallet where to send the CRYTs, Total of the CRYTs converted by the entered amount, The message to be included in the transaction to verify the payment.
The customer simply has to scan the QR code, or write the wallet manually, enter the amount, enter the unencrypted message and send.
After a few seconds the app detects the incoming payment and notifies you with a visual confirmation of the receipt of the payment.
Everything happens in about 30 seconds.

CRYTSell instead allows merchants to sell CRYTs by calculating the amount to be sent, always using the exchange rate and currency in real time.
Just enter the amount and currency that the customer wants to use, and the app displays how many CRYTs they correspond to, the merchant then just sends the total of the CRYTs on the customer's wallet after accepting the money.

Both applications can be used with the versions available in the Google Play Store, or using the web versions through a normal browser (Google Chrome is recommended).

It has never been easier, safer and faster to accept payments with a crypto currency

CRYT Pay on Google Play Store CRYT Pay Browser CRYT Sell on Google Play Store CRYT Sell Browser