Total Active CRYT Blockchain Wallets!

A Easy Way to Interact

With all Features on one Software, you can do all possible action over Official Online Software, or run locally for more security and help network by running a Peer!
Thanks to the API, its integration is very easy for any services.

CRYT Blockchain Software

Not just to pay!

The CRYT Blockchain is not just about sending or receiving money, the software also includes a message system, the creation of coins, the creation of assets, an Alias system, a survey system, a marketplace, a decentralized exchange, the block explorer, multi-signature transactions, and much more!

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Send and Receive Money in an Instant

Thanks to the CRYT Blockchain you can send and receive money in seconds, without any limitation.

  • Time for each block at 20 seconds, with immediate notification.
  • 1 Billion CRYT in circulation, and redistribution through transaction Fees, no other CRYT will ever be created.
  • Http API for easy interaction with the Blockchain, with any language, without being super experts.
  • Use the online wallet, or our App to simplify sending and receiving CRYT.
  • Each transaction costs less than $ 0.00001, of any amount.

Advantages for Merchants

With Blockchain technology, the continuous expansion and evolution, and above all the simplicity in the use of CRYTs every day, every merchant can start accepting and reselling CRYTs to his customers, relying on a safe, fast, reliable and constantly evolving Blockchain.

  • From your Ecommerce Online, thanks to the plugins or by integrating the payment in CRYT thanks to its easy integration.
  • Locally, thanks to the available applications, which work on every browser and peripheral, CRYT-Pay and CRYT-Sell, and also on new customers who use CRYT for everyday expenses.

Traveling on the road to Success

The CRYT Blockchain has been active since 17 July 2019, the road to success has started, the Team works every day for new services, features and products centered on our end users and merchants. Join us for global success.

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